Monday, August 3, 2009

Last chance...

"My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no
man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I
can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold
the key to my destiny."

♥ I had an exam today... It was the last of four. I studied harder than I ever have, I was committed to this HARDCORE! I slept 3 hours a night if that. I was SOOOO positive...NOPE! I didn't even have a single melt down. Last night I went to bed at 2 (talking to RJ), woke up at 5 to meet my friends at Whataburger to squeeze in a little more studying. I get to class at 8 and I can feel it in my bones that I am gonna rock it! I get my test... 1st part... Neuro... I got this... 2nd part... Endocrine... WTF!!! I mean I know this stuff. What sucks is that our exams aren't knowledge based. It's all application. Well... I didn't pass my exam. ;( I got a 74. Remember, in nursing world 75 is passing. 1 freakin' point... one question... So now I need to score an 80 on my final to pass. It's do-able, but I only have three days to study. I'm am shakin' in my knickers folks. I cant afford to fail. I have to do this. I need to make my grandma proud, she needs to see me graduate because chances are, she might not be around if I have to wait to take the course again. I don't have anyone to blame but myself. But I was feeling good about this, what happened? Well, I'm not a quitter, it's not in my nature. I am gonna get my 80 or better. I am gonna pass. I NEED to. Wish me luck... and keep me and grams in your prayers. ♥

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