Monday, August 31, 2009

New Beginnings...

♥I just got home from school a while ago and I am so freakin' tired. After two years of straight nursing I couldnt imagine life beyond it. I love nursing... It's my passion. So when I found out I failed (let me reiterate that I DIDNT FAIL, I got a 74, which is still bad, but according to nursing standards a 75 is passing) my fourth and final semester, I almost died, but didnt. Since I'm being forced to take a semester off, I decided to take regular classes so I'd have something to do. It felt weird not wearing my ciel blue scrubs. I despised those scrubs. I hated looking like a blue smurf. But now... I miss my scrubs. It's akward having to wake up in the morning and having to pick out something to wear. And so you mean... I can actually wear my favorite Vans to school instead of tidy whitey sneaks? OMG! That's about all I look forward to. But... I think I'm gonna wear them anyway. lol J/K I was hella excited about my first class... aerobic dance. I got to school in my workout clothes. The first day totally kicked my ass. NOT!!! How boring. All I got was a freakin syllabus and a lame as statement from the instructor saying she has never taught the course nor has she ever taken an aerobics class and for the first two weeks we wont be exercising and when we do, we will utilize videos. WTF! you gotta be kidding me. I know I didnt just pay for a class to work my ass off so I can watch some lame video that I could do at home. (BTW... Missy and I are gonna get that "Flirty Girl Fitness Video"... yeah and it comes with a free lap dance video TOO... It's what I always wanted... to be a stripper in the privacy of my own home!!! LOL). I'm not sure you can handle all my sexiness. lol. I realized there was no where for me to change and since I was forced to park two miles away (Literally... and I guess I got my workout) and I didnt wanna carry all the extra stuff (clothes) I changed in my truck! Exciting I know. But I'm smooth like that. No one saw... so I think. lol.

♥I realized that I hate the "Pecan" or "Main"campus (one of the many campuses affiliated with my regular school (Nursing & Allied Health). I hate stupid kids who think they know it all and wear stilletos like they're going to a freakin' club then complain about it. AND I ESPECIALLY HATE WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE IN SCHOOL CAUSE THEIR PARENTS MADE THEM GO OR ELSE THEY'D HAVE TO WORK. (Kinda sounds like my SIL) I miss MY campus. Where you have to be accepted to get in (besides getting accepted into college), where everyone is a medical PROFESSIONAL, and the students are not like, "OMG, that guy is soooo HAWTTT!!!", "Do I have lipstick on my teeth?". I was SOOO annoyed that these people were in my way and taking up my oxygen. I'm not one for drama, I am waaaaaay too old for that shit... Seriously though... Young chicks=TOO MUCH D-R-A-M-A! So that obviously means I dont wanna know about your drama and get the F**K out of my face. I have a splitting headache and I lost my glasses. >:-(. OK enough ranting.

♥Despite all the negative stuff I had to say... I am truly an optimist. Truth of the matter is, I got my workout anyway. I walked from my truck (which was REALLLLLY far away) and I carried two huge-super-heavy books all day 'cause I didn't take a back pack (that's no one's fault but my own). My arms are gonna be so sore. Even though I don't get to work out for a while, I will eventually get to. I get to go to my photography class tomorrow. I'm not exactly looking forward to Spanish or Statistics... but I need them, so I will make the best of it. I will maintain an "ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE" because I am blessed and fortunate to go to school. I miss my "old school" friends dearly and wish them luck 'cause they start preceps tomorrow!

♥And last but not least... Mortimer the Frog died. :(. I've been so stressed I didn't even really care anymore. I feel guilty now after the fact for thinking "that is one less responsibility". I know... very crappy on my part. I buried him... well not really. I was too tired to dig a hole so I put him on a pile of leaves in the back and just threw some more on top. UGH... And some of you might think... who cares, its just a frog. That may be so... but it was MY frog, and as grossed out as I got if I had to touch it, I raised it for three years.

♥Time for bed... I'm beat!

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tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol@ you sneak changing in the car. i used to do that too. but only after church. i used to change into my "regular clothes" because i knew we had to go to toysrus (my reward for being good in church), out to eat, & other random places my mom wanted to stop before we could go home. it's not that much a big deal i guess cause i'm a dude. but one day i was changing my pants and this lady was watching me. she probably was trying to figure out what i was doing, but pedophile.

aww..i'm sorry your frog died. i too at the end of my fishes lives thought it was one less responsibility. cause cleaning out a 55 gallon tank was not the business.

oh and i love your disgust for young chicks rivals my own.