Sunday, August 16, 2009

True story... I can laugh now... Like... After the fact

♥So the morning started off on the wrong foot. I went to bed really late cause I couldn't sleep. What's new? Anyhow... grandpa wakes me up to go sit with grams so he can go to church... This is like at 0730-ish. I wake up, groggy and grumpy. Sit on the recliner next to hers and attempt to get a little more shut eye. So what's the point??? Basically, I didn't get any till grandpa got back, got like maybe 30 minutes or so. I had to hurry and get ready for Sunday service because in those thirty minutes that I happened to fall asleep, I hit the snooze button when the alarm went off. SHIT!!! I couldn't decide on what to wear. I called and called Missy to wake her up. She didn't. Guess she's not going. Hop in my truck and rush off to church... I'm already running late. I call my friend Inez and tell her to save me a seat since I'm half way there. I hang up, and hear a rattling sound coming from my truck. HMMMM??? I think I got an aluminum can stuck under the truck... No time to worry about that... it will get loose. I gotta make it to church. I hear another sound, AWESOME!!!! I think that can got loose!!! But wait!!! My truck sounds funny. :-/... UH OH!!!! I look at the temperature gauge! It's all the way to HOTTTT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I pull over and start to feel the power steering or lack of it... I call Inez... Ummm, I'm not gonna make it. Sorry... She asks if I want her to pick me up so I can still make it to church... I think about it and decide not to because It's just my luck to have someone see my truck parked along the expressway and I'm MIA, having a jolly time and people are worried about me. I call my dad instead... "Dad I'm by the "I" road exit... Come get me! My truck messed up... I think it was the belt... Hurry! It's hottt (Of course it's hot... This all happened at 1200, the HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY!) Dad says to get off the truck and check under the hood. Uh, NO! I'm not getting off. There is a lot of traffic and its HOT! Hurry, come now! I'm already sweating and my face is melting, my make-up is smearing!

♥about 15 minutes later... dad gets there with My aunt's BF Joe. He tells me to pop the hood open so he can check it... Sure enough... it's the belt. How did I know??? Well... I kept hearing a really screechy noise and well I know that's the belt... But I didn't tell anyone... AND IF I HAD... this wouldn't have occurred. ;( OK, its all my fault but I'm like super busy I didn't have time to report it. Back to the story... Dad leaves the A/C on in his truck so that his spoiled rotten QUEEN DIVALICIOUS daughter (ME, DUH) can go sit in it while they hook up her truck to his to get it home. So while dad and Joe are out side sweating, I am in the fresh A/C thinking how I might blog about my incident. So I take some pics... Of me... not the truck... or the men working on my truck... OOOH that one's cute... so I take another... lol... You'll never guess what happens next...

♥Or can you??? OK humor me... Take a wild guess... This is fun... Don't ya think? Dad's A/C blew out. LMAO!!! that is what I get for being a narcissistic whiny brat! So, I never made it to my destination, and I am truck-less until about 6 or so... 'Cause dad says it's TOO HOTTT!!! OH WELLL!!!

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Inez!! said...

jajajajaja, i cant believe you took the pik of yourself on the side of the road!!! too funny!!!