Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going out of my Mind

♥YES... I'm still truck-less. Dad stopped by after 6 on Sunday like he said. Then I get a call. Um, Bibis (that's what my mom and dad call me)... It got dark and I cant see anything so you're truck will have to wait until tomorrow. AHHH WTF!!! Why does this always happen to me??? Monday came and went... I didn't see dad. Nor did I bother calling him. I figured if he had time, he would have come by. So... I have been bored out of my mind. I cant stand another minute of being confined in my cave of a room. I actually... DARE I SAY IT... Watched TV. I HATE to watch TV! I started off watching some show about Tsunamis or something. I didn't finish watching it all. I cant sit through an entire show... ADD. I did a little cleaning. Watched Intervention (that show is actually pretty good and made me sit through a couple episodes). Got on the computer. I watched more TV: Cake Boss (that's funny) and Jon and Kate plus 8 (I used to love that show... It sucks now. I don't want to watch stupid mini vacations I cant be on! Show me drama, show me real life stuff... it is, after all, a reality show, not something that should be on the travel channel). Yada yada... So I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I'm still at home. I've been depressed that I cant do anything, I actually sleep till noon, like I seriously just woke up. But I stayed up until 3 watching Cold Case, well parts of it. I have not seen that much TV since I was in middle school addicted to talk shows. I wish I was back in school.

♥Speaking of school... I have my appointment tomorrow instead of Friday. I'm really praying for some good news! I hope to get back into the program this Fall semester. I am determined to do so and I will NOT take "no" for an answer...

♥Why am I still sleepy? I slept 9 hours. That is more than I used to get in an entire week. OMG!

♥ So that exam I would have taken Monday didn't go so well for some of my friends. I just reassured them that everything was gonna be OK. They have to take the HESI exit exam next and they get to take it twice. I don't worry about them... They'll be OK!

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Inez said...

As for being ok, yeah i guess after crying all week...first i cried my eyes off because i missed NLN by 4 freakin questions and now because i couldnt even pass HESI....but im gonna send you a daily prayer from joel olsteen and this was what was said for today!!! After reading that, I felt like God does have wonderful plans in stored for us...for a minute though i gotta admit I was upset at him...but like I said after reading that...it like if he wrote it directly to me...and i feel alot better now!!! Everything will be ok friend!!!!