Monday, November 1, 2010

Troy ;:o)

When they say a dog is truly a man's best friend, they aren't kidding. Troy was my not just my best friend, he was my confidant and my baby. He knew my secrets, been with me through many heartaches, he never judged me, loved me unconditionally no matter how I treated him (which was mostly spoiling him), he licked my tears, and turned my frowns upside down. I am so happy I got to have him as my companion for the past 6 years.

Troy passed away October 30, 2010. He had been having seizures the past year and a half but because I was in school and didn't work, I couldn't afford to take him to the vet. Unfortunately we don't have low cost vets in the area. Just recently his seizures started occurring more frequently, He'd have about three to four a day whereas they were just sporadic in the past. I feel responsible, had he had medical care, perhaps he would not have died... but considering the circumstances there was not much I could do. I know I did great as a pet parent regardless. I had spent the night at a friend's house Friday night and when I arrived home at around noon Saturday I found him in my room (he is usually outside during the day). I asked my grandpa why he was inside and he said that Troy had a seizure as soon as he went outside and another one a few minutes later that left him trembling... so grandpa decided to put him in my room so he could rest. I got home and he was so excited to see me. He greeted me with kisses and a wagging tail. He jumped on the bed and sat on my lap. I played with him for a little while and when he tired he rested his head on my chest (I always thought it was his way of hugging me). I took a picture of him... it was his last. I was getting ready to meet my friend to pick up my cell phone charger since I had accidentally left it when I spent the night, then to meet my aunt for lunch. When I arrived I headed straight for my bed since I was still very tired and needed a nap before work. My aunt came into my room, all she said was "Cyn... Not good". Immediately my heart started racing, my first thought was my grandpa was hurt or something of that nature, then she said, "It's Troy". I just knew he had passed. My grandpa found him by the mailbox. Tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I went outside to see him. I carried him like a baby as I always did. I couldn't believe it. My heart ached. My 8 year old nephew was outside and said, "it's OK Cyn, he is not suffering anymore... And I love you" In the moment, I heard him but I couldn't react, I couldn't speak. I uttered, "Thank you... And I love you too, baby" My grandpa and cousin dug a hole so that he could have a little burial in the back. And when I was ready, I let him go.
Some people say a dog is just a dog, but I say Troy was a big part of the family. I feel a little empty with out him. He slept with me, followed me everywhere... even to the restroom, and if I attempted to lock him out, he would scratch the door and whimper until I let him in. He would jump in my truck when I was leaving, only to disappoint him when I had to kick him out and tell him to go back. He knew the sound of my engine and waited for me at the drive way as soon as he heard me around the block. He would sit on my lap at the desk, by the kitchen table, and follow me to my dad's who lived down the street. I only have good things to say about him although he was very mischievous... and a biter, but he never bit me so I cant complain :) So good bye my loyal companion and best friend. Wait for me and I will see you at Rainbow bridge.