Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school

♥So... school starts back up on Monday. I obviously wont be taking any nursing classes since I am being punished. I guess I'm just taking busy classes... ya know... to keep me busy. I totally feel like Sheila; I have no drive to write... AT ALL! I went down to school today to write and submit a letter to the program chair as to why I was unsuccessful in my class. Of course my letter was AWESOME! C'mon now... this is me, Cyn, MASTER of letter writing. Just ask anyone who's received one. I became a pro at writing when I worked for A&M-CC Police Dept. If you only knew how many times I got myself in trouble, I think my file was so thick they needed a whole file cabinet just for me lol. But there is nothing my sweet talkin' cant get me out of. Other than trying to get back into the nursing program this fall. It's all politics. It's been done before... but I may as well get over it already. Like I said, this is just a better opportunity to spend more time with grams.

♥I am excited about this semester, I'm signing up for two kinesiology classes and like three others not worth mentioning. Eh... I could seriously use the exercise, lol. What better motivation is there than to be graded on it? I'll keep y'all updated on that. I'll also be spending more time through out the semester at my nursing campus to work on that portfolio I mentioned previously. Some say its busy work, and it probably is... but I seriously feel I could benefit from it.

♥I guess that's all folks... not much to say at the moment... not much going on.


~Sheila~ said...

Awww man. I thought you were going to be able to help me out with the kids.
That's alright. I got it under control.
Good luck with the classes. I'm looking forward to posted progress.

Cyn said...

well we may be able to figure something out im just trying to rearrange a class.