Tuesday, July 28, 2009


♥Last week started off on the wrong foot. We received the results from gram's CT-Scan. The news was not good. We found out that while grams was trying to recover from pneumonia, the cancer spread to her lymph nodes and liver. The prognosis isn't good, I'll just leave it at that. While I'm finding ways to channel my frustrations and grief, I understand I have a lot on my plate right now and that can not be my main/only focus. At first she just gave in, said she didn't want to suffer and enjoy what little time she has left. I guess she felt defeated. Grams is pretty scared, I mean, who wouldn't be. So she changed her mind. She kinda played the blame game as to why we didn't "force" her to go to Houston sooner, we encouraged her but she said she was just too tired and weak, and that the doctors here would take care of her (they didn't). We tried getting her in at MD Anderson but they wouldn't accept her because she is too weak to walk and cant sit for 8 hours. Fuck... I cant sit for 1, that makes no sense. My grandma's friend from Nebraska mentioned sending her to Mayo in Phoenix. My aunt looked it up, sounds like a plan, however, no matter what because the cancer "mets", she will be on clinical trials. So she looked up doctors from all over the world involved in clinical trials. We found one a couple hours from home. So hopefully we'll get that rolling soon. Taking part of this opportunity is a blessing in it self. YAY... She is not ready to give up just yet.

♥On a better note, my great-grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday on Friday, well that was the day of the party, her actual birthday was on Saturday. It was great! Family I hadn't seen in years were there, Mariachis played, the Mayor of the city honored her with a plaque and made July 25th Anita S. Day.... WOW!!! Unfortunately, I had class so I was only able to make it for an hour or so. I love my Nana SOOOO MUCH and an truly blessed to have had her for so long. (In the Pic... My Nana and her two surviving children, my maternal grandfather (Grandpa Greg and his sister, Tia Pola)

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~Sheila~ said...

I feel bad for Grandma.
I wish there were some way to help her get to the places she wants to go.
Hopefully that study will help.

Happy Birthday to your other grandma too!
How cool is that? 100.