Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just one of those days... Uh, weeks

This week, I am the Queen Bitch from Hell. Other names I've heard are "Mega-Bitch", SUPERBITCH, and "Queen B", take your pick (OK, no, I didn't really hear those names, at least not to my face, but that's what I gathered from the sour patch faces they were throwing my way, or perhaps it was the snooty, bitch faces I was burning into their skulls). Anyways I had errands to run to, what seemed was, all over the valley. To start off, my truck was hot and I left my house at noon (This was Tuesday), which obviously is the hottest part of the day, and to top it off, Valley heat is hotter than hell). I went to my first location, the chick went to lunch, I had to wait an hour, so I'm pretty moody by now because I am the most impatient person you could probably meet, unless... your waiting on me, but I kept my cool. I then go to the bank. I stand in line for 45 minutes for them to send me somewhere else, for them to send me back to the line after I waited 45 minutes waiting for them. By this point, I am smacking my lips and burning holes with my gamma ray laser eyes. I think I really had fume coming out of my ears and nostrils, and people knew it. I must admit I liked that feeling... very empowering. Innocent bystanders just step aside to avoid the raging bull. I cant exactly remember what else pissed me off that day but I don't think I wanna go there, I can already feel the anxiety level rising (Hmmmm, I guess you could say, I was like the "She-Hulk" or something). Perhaps it was a combination of PMS, stress, SF (figure that out on your own), and everything else. By the evening I made a complete 180 (THANK GOD!!! I was at the point where I couldn't even stand to be around myself. Now that's bad!) Missy invited me to go to the movies; we saw My Sister's Keeper. UGH!!! I'm such a sap. Nothin' like a chick flick to soften me up.

(I've been neglecting my fish. I know, I know. As I am sitting at my desk ranting, again, I notice my fish, Sushi and no name, and my frog, Mortimer just staring at me and their mouths moving saying "FEED ME". I guess they're hungry.)

Class was great. I think the lecture was on immune deficiency disorders, but dont quote me on that or anything. Yes, he lectured. Sigh... lol. I could see all the girls in my class staring at him too, laughing flirtatiously at his jokes, and twirling their hair. Bitches better step off or "She-Hulk" is gonna step in. Lol I'm just kidding, seriously. Seems like a lot of people were in a funk this week, including myself. Hmmm, Perhaps it's burnout from school.

We had the option to take a summer break before graduation, however the bulk of us figured we'd regret taking a break if we saw our classmates graduating in October and we'd have to wait until December. So... we sucked it up. No regrets, just ready for my three day weekend. In nursing we have to come up with care plans (which is basically what it is... an outline that plans care for a patient. Not sure where I'm going with that just yet... you, know... my mind needs to get back on track instead of letting my fingers do the typing. A Nursing diagnosis, which is different from a doctors diagnosis) is one that is made from data that is obtained from an assessment. OK... Here we go. As students (and I am not complaining) we hardly have time for anything, OK, OK...I am the exception, 'cause if I wanna go have a drink, I'm gonna. If I wanna go out, I'm gonna. Anyways... aside from doing what I want either way, I still get stressed, we still get stressed. We have to meet deadlines (and my fish are staring at me again... let me feed them), stay up to the wee hours of the morning or settle for 2 hours of sleep just to get paperwork done for the next day all while balancing family life, social life, and so on. Back to the point, I found this diagnosis for students... here it is. I thought it was cute and it fits... I know, its a little blurry. DEAL with it!

(Oh yeah... R/T means related to...just so ya know)


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