Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Bums

So my beach trip... was GREAT! Tiff, Missy, and I had such a great time on Thursday that we had to do it again so we planned it out ahead of time for Saturday. The plan was to leave earlier so we could rent a cabana since it was the weekend and it gets JAM PACKED. Plans started to get rocky Friday night. We had invited other people and as usual the drama started. I wasn't in the mood to put up with every one's craps so I just told Missy that I couldn't give two shits about every one's drama and no one was gonna ruin my plans. Well My attitude worked out. We were all supposed to leave together, however, some of our friends wanted to go clubbing, I knew they weren't gonna get up early (and besides they were already pissed off because they wanted to leave at 10 not at 7). Missy stayed at my house so we could leave as planned. We got up left at about 8. Liz (Missy's BFF) was staying in Arroyo City and decided to meet us there. Tiff wasn't able to go, so me and Missy took off in my truck and let everyone else fend for themselves. We got to the island around 11, we made a few stops (McDonald's; long line, Stripes; Ice, Walgreen's; batteries and waited for Liz to catch up). We got our cabana, the water was cold, but tolerable, the tide was high, the sun was out, and it was RELAXING. No one else showed up, but that wasn't my problem nor did I care. I was there to have a drama free, great time. And I did.

This is me... Fun in the Sun and already burned

Me and Missy

Liz and I

Liz left around 6 or 7 and we left the beach and showered around 8:45. We went to Tom and Jerry's, it wasn't that great, our food kinda sucked. We had talked about getting tattoos, but we passed the shops and since the traffic was bad, I didn't wanna turn around and get mixed up in it again. Missy spotted a place that made henna tattoos. We both got one. I wanted this beautiful lotus but it was too expensive for something temporary. So I opted for a cute heart on my foot. Missy got peace, love, and faith on her wrist.

We headed back home around 10:30. We were tired and dehydrated. The road home seemed so long. We got in around 11:45. After dropping Missy off, I got home around 12:30. In all, the day was Awesome. I'm ready to do it again, I think next week were are heading to Corpus Christi.


~Sheila~ said...

Looks like you had a good time. Henna long before they wash off?
That's a looooong day at the beach. You just made ME tired.

Sassy Mama said...

Yeah, how long do the henna tats last? Looks really HOT! I want one. So jealous, I love the beach with all my heart but ny beaches stink!

honkeie2 said...

you can buy the home made henna tattoo kits for half the price. They usually come with stenciles as well and they come out just as good. And Sheila, they dont was off they just fade away.