Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Morning

Well I decided to wake up early today. I got up, had breakfast with grams and grandpa in her room (she got her own room when she got sick, grandpa snores too loud). We traded breakfast sandwhiches cause she didnt care for the McMuffin my aunt brought them for breakfast. I went to the grocery store last night and purchased some croissantwhichs; one, becuase I she likes the ones from burger king and secondly, becuase sometimes I run late and need something quick. Well she ate and that's all I can ask for; Anything to make her eat.

I got a reality check today (yeah, I know, so early in the morning), I guess I'm not doing enough around the house cause they got someone to come and clean the house, well just the restroom. I'm gonna have to step up my game. I realized I dont like anyone doing things for us when I am very capable of doing them. I think I'm getting territorial, lol. I know everyone needs a little help every now and then, but I figure, if I break up the duties around the house so I dont feel overwhelmed, I just might be able to manage taking care of them, going to class, finding time to study, and cleaning. I think so... My anxiety level rose today. Grams tends to spazz out sometimes and it makes me nervous and anxious. I dont handle stress well, my hair falls out. I hardly have any left. I need some happly pills. Too bad I dont have a passport to hit up Mexico and stock up on some Xanax, lol, or perhaps some Valium. No, it's not that bad, seriously, but I do get that stressed. Anyways this particular blog isnt to complain by any means, just kinda helps me vent and realize certain things.

Well I gotta get ready for school. Long day today and hopefully I'll get my results for my leadership and management final. My little Avon biz is going well, better than I expected. I thought by now, I surely would have quit. I bring in a little income which helps me out with gas since my truck is a gas guzzler, seriously. I also forgot to mention that my dog Noah, well he disappeared again in February, but for good this time. I had such a hard time dealing with that, he would have been 7 this August. On a happier note, I am now the proud godmother of two beautiful children, Abby and Davy. Here they are being silly on the way to church.

And here is me with my "Comadre", I dont know what she would be called in engish but she chose me to the the godmother of her children.

I am gonna hit the beach tomorrow; its my day off from school. Gonna have some fun in the sun with my two BFFs. Hopefully I dont get too sunburned.
(About to leave for school...OMG, Oh NO! my scrubs are fitting a bit tight. I think I am stress eating. UGH!)


~Sheila~ said...

Who did they get to clean the house? A provider?
Hope you had fun at the beach.

Cyn said...

no it was carmen, the lady that grams used to work with taking care of wilma