Friday, June 19, 2009

MIni getaways

UPDATE: Finally added some Pic, check 'em out below

So Tiff (and her son William), Missy, and I went to SPI (South Padre Island) for the day. We were off by 0930. I don't recall the time we arrived cause we made a few stops to fuel up, grab some snacks, then got some Whataburger in Port Isabel. The breeze was nice, but the sand was scorching, and the water was cool. We rented an umbrella, which, if you ask me, was way over priced. I remember paying 10-15 bucks for the day, I guess with inflation it rose to 25 bucks for the day. I think were planning a trip again to the island this Saturday, so we'll be using those 25 bucks to purchase our own. Anyhow, my goal was to get a tan and not look pasty anymore (RJ says I look like an albino (minus the white hair) but it's not that dramatic). I got a little burned on my forehead and my back but it doesn't hurt, so I am OK with that. I tried not to sit under the sun too much because I tend to burn with in 20 minutes. I took a full spray can of 70 SPF sunscreen and came home with it empty, lol. I guess that's why I didn't turn as red as a lobster like I usually do. I felt a little guilty leaving grandpa at home to care for grams by himself, but always manages (since this Sunday is Father's Day, I need to come up with something great for him).

Me and my partners in crime (Missy & Tiff)

Me and Tiff (William is in the middle)

It was time to leave; We were sad. We stopped by Wingstop on the way back to Tiff's house. Mmmmm (and that's why my scrubs are fitting snug). We looked terrible, My hair was frizzy, Missy wasn't wearing a bra, and Tiff was also dressed down, she was sporting one of those 80's exercise shirts where there is no collar and it slides off your shoulder. We didn't care, we were just hungry. Went back to Tiff's for a while; we weren't ready for the day to end. So we just chilled and Missy drank the wine we didn't finish the last time we hung out. I drank my DC (diet coke, not the shoes, although I love those too!) I had left over from Wingstop
What more can I say other than that the day was so relaxing.I'll post some picks up as soon as I get a hold of them. I got home and after a while I text Missy that I felt like i just had the best sex of my life, lol, seriously! I felt so relaxed, almost euphoric (perhaps it was a combination of relaxation, dehydration, and too much sun/heat exposure). Nonetheless, it was a great feeling considering I have had a bad couple days recently. By bad I just mean an internal struggle with certain emotions in regards to life, love, and all the other bullshit, but like I said, I just get over it.
So back to planning some more mini getaways, this Saturday, SPI, next week, Corpus Christi, here we come!!!
I have a few errands to run before class starts, after yesterday, I most definitely don't feel like sitting through a 4 hour lecture. :-/

Up date on the scrubs issue, I have gained some weight. ; (. I hopped on the scale, + 10 lbs. OH NO!!!! Fuck! I need to get on a diet and get my ass to the gym... DAMN IT!


~Sheila~ said...

Scrubs are supposed to be sooo comfortable. They are NOT when you gain weight. Do like I did. Take that whole body cleanse.

honkeie2 said...

I worked as a guard at a hospital in the psych ward and they had to issue a memo to all female works that if they wore white scrubs they had to wear 'Appropriate' under garmensts. And the funny thing about that is that the day after that I saw more pink and red undergarments than I have ever seen even at Victoria Secrets!