Friday, June 26, 2009

The way you make me feel...

OK so this isn't a tribute to the late MJ but now that I'm here I may as well say a few words...

HMMM... When I think of MJ I think of this chick I used to work with named Diana. She had two idols, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Because she LOOOVEEEDDD Michael so much I used to call her Dirty Diana. One time at work, we had this 80's day where we dress up, uh... 80's style (NO SHIT, SHERLOCK). So Me, of course, idolizing Madonna like I do (What can I say, I'm a material girl living in a material world), decide to dress "Madonna-esque". I rock my lacy socks with heels, wear bangles, pearls, and a rosary, sported the cross earrings, I don't remember if I donned the lace gloves, scrunched my hair, made my fake mole, and yada yada. Basically, I rocked my outfit like no body's business, no shame. Dirty Diana comes to work with this t-shirt she made. I'm like, Diana, what are you wearing? She says, "Well, I bedazzled my shirt with rhinestones and made Michael Jackson's glove". (it as a black T-shirt with with a huge hand or "white rhinestone-y glove" on the entire front of her shirt, it also said KING OF POP, I think it was like in maybe red rhinestones). Whatever works for her, she loved it. Anyways, that's all I could come up with even though it wasn't necessarily a tribute to Michael.

So if it wasn't about MJ, then who? The notorious Mr (I cant say it out loud), of course. It turns out that I am not the only one that has taken a liking to our dear professor. It sorta just came up and so we discussed our mutual admiration for him; we giggled and blushed like little girls. So cute! I think I know another reason I am fond of him... He is so smart. Like Seriously! I am sucker for smart guys, no not dorky nerds, but the intellectual kind. He is so ingenious! I could watch him lecture all day... NOTICE HOW I DIDN'T SAY "LISTEN", please I couldn't fool myself (but not 'cause I dont want to, REMEBER... I suffer from ADD. And yes I said SUFFER, 'cause its a shame I cant sit through the entire class and listen to his words of wisdom). Anyhoo... I had a close encounter with the professor kind. TWICE!!! I needed him to sign some forms for me that dated back to the beginning of the semester, literally, and he is like ahhhh, Cynthia. I thought to myself, YES, scold me! Send me to the corner or make me write my name on the board, but instead I'd write Mr. (he who's name I can not say) with hearts all around it. LOL, JK. If he ever found out I was writing about him, I think I'd be pretty embarrassed. I saw him again in the hall way when I had to turn in some assignments in his office, he said hi and I batted my eyes and said hi back. lol. BE STILL MY HEART!!! Like I said I think he plays for the other team... At least let me enjoy my little crush... (Just so you know... He is not HOT in a sexy beast sorta way, but in his own little cute way... if that makes any sense)

Anyways, we have our first major exam on Monday for Med/Surg so I decided to cancel my trip to Corpus Christi so I could, dare I say it... STUDY. Now, I am not one to study much. I kinda just listen and learn, yeah, that sounds about right... Well I know how important this test is so I meet up with some peeps from school and formed a study group because I knew studying at home wasn't gonna happen. We arrive when the library opens which is at 11 and stay till closing, which was around 6. Some of us felt like we needed to go over some more material so we head out to Starbucks to continue our studying (I can only speak for myself but I think we all kinda wanted an excuse not to go home). We all know I have ADD, so I focus as much as I can, I tune in and out more often than I can count, but I think I learned quite a bit (I wish I could learn via osmosis, wouldn't that be grand?). I had a vanilla latte with a shot of espresso. YUM! Unfortunately I start to feel anxious and the information overload sure as hell didn't help. We leave at 9-ish all to do it again tomorrow. I better FREAKIN' pass this exam. I'm tired and I need some sleep... Wish me luck!

Devyn (Baby-D) I am sorry I missed your party ; (

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