Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drama in Isle... I Mean, Level IV

For some odd reason I was actually focused (errr... scratch that... somewhat focused) in class yesterday. Yeah I know, that freakin' caught me by surprise. Now I'm not sure if it was the lecture on hematology or if I have a secret crush on my instructor, who by the way, I think is gay... which is totally fine with me, but I think my crush on him is cause he's Asian (like I said before... flavor of the month) or a combination of the way he talks, his oddly cute underbite, or his hair . Anyways, I learned something in class; cant complain there. So I am like in the middle of oogling his goodies when the assistant program chair (who was also my Pediatrics instructor) and the rest of the level IV teachers including the one they call the NAZI walk in. I think to myself... OMG, I'm about to get scolded for killing all my patients on my math test (I usually rock my math exams but I wasn't focused, what's new?). Well it turns out that we have some cheaters amongst our midst. Now, this isn't anything new. In level II there was this whole scandal that some students hacked some system and got a hold of test banks, so here we go again. I mean, WTF if you have to cheat your way to become a freakin' RN, they you obviously don't deserve to be one, I mean, I wouldn't want someone who lacks integrity, the skills, or the competency to care for me or my family. Back to the disruption of class. They tell us that they know who is responsible and they are gonna get expelled from the program. Good, I work hard to be where I'm at, and fuck you very much (and not in the good way) for not sharing, lol, just kidding. I wouldn't want to be associated with that, but unfortunately were already called "the cheaters". So they give us this whole spiel and now I feel guilty, like I did something wrong, but I didn't, so I'm cool.

I had to head out to the hospital (yesterday) to greet my patients and start my paperwork on them for today's work. As usual, I'm not focused, I start to driving towards the hospital that is down the road from school, not the one that I am supposed to be at, which is like 20 minutes away. UGH... Only me. Fortunately my friend called (or did I call her?) and I realized I was headed the wrong way. Great, just FREAKIN' GREAT!!! Well I wasn't too out of my way so it's cool except my truck has no A/C or Radio and it's like 100 degrees out. I haul ass to my hospital. I get there and the doctors are hoarding the charts (I later find out that she wasn't even using that chart, she was just too lazy to put the chart back. BASTARD!). My friends leave at 5 and I stay till 6:30 ('cause I am waiting for the damn charts) and get some pertinent info regarding my patients. I leave, get home at 7 to work on my paperwork. I don't get done with paperwork until about 0230 only to have to wake up at 0545 to get to the hospital. Oh yeah, I had to make a midnight run to Wal-Mart to get some ink for my printer so I can submit my paperwork in the morning (I wont even go into the walmart story). UGH! Monster was my BFF today. I enjoyed my patients (pneumonia with Alzheimer's/dementia and seizures with some mild brain trauma), the day was long but productive.

During lunch we actually ate while we talked about cleaning up shit, I mean literally. Lucky for me I don't have a weak stomach. Well, that's all in a days work for a nurse (or future nurse).


~Sheila~ said...

You know, I gotta say...It's so much more work being a nurse because you have to pay attention to detail. I'm not saying therapy doesn't require that but I'm mostly about getting you up and moving.
You are going to be a great nurse cuz. If you want a job when you are done...let me know. (MUCHO DINERO!)

I hope those cheaters get what they deserve. Do you know who it was and how they did it?

I'm so glad school is over for me.

Cyn said...

surprisingly enough I dont know. I have a clue cause it happened before and fingers pointed their way. they also mentioned the LVNs so IDK. just glad im out of that loop.