Monday, September 29, 2008


I mentioned a while back that I was starting have real "feelings" for one of the guys I am talking to (this would the the fun and free spirited guy). I also pointed out that the weekend that he was here just(I guess it was a few weeks ago, I can barely remember) confirmed those feelings. I am not one to fall, I supress my feelings and just let things be. Well, I'm no psychic, but my guess is that things might not work out after all. Perhaps it is all in my head. I have spent many nights thinking about this whole situation. I know, I know, to some this might seem trivial and not worth the anxiety, but I really, really like him. Since he does not live here, we talk alot, or we used to. Slowly but surely we are drifting, so to speak. Perhaps it is me backing off becuase I dont know how to deal with these so-called feelings, or perhaps he just doesnt like me like he/I thought he did. That is ok if that is how he feels, I just would like to know so that I dont waste my time. I guess I should just forget about things, about him, and move on. Maybe I'll just take the cowardly way out instead of having to face my emotions.


Moe Wanchuk said...

Don't Run Away...Go For It!
You only live once. Take a Chance. I can't tell you how I wish I would've taken more chances when I was younger.

~Sheila~ said...

As you know me and Angel's encounter (and relationship) has been such a fairy tale......
oh who am I is what it is and it is what you make it.
The thing is, you will get your heart broken a million times (or more) before you find the one you are supposed to be with.
Moe is right. Take all of the chances and keep your closest friends near to help you get through those chances that fail.

Jesse Mendez said...

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