Monday, September 8, 2008

Dentist says...

Wisdom teeth are good for NOTHING!

Before I get to the dentist ordeal (thank God it wasn't my ordeal), let me give you a brief description of my day...

Around 7 or 8 a.m. I get a call from my friend (OK so we talk like were a little more than friends but it is what it is... and I'm not really sure what that is... well leave it at "friends") I usually get two calls by that time one when he gets out of work (around 4 a.m.-ish) and then around 7 or 8. So we talk a lot and I enjoy our conversations which is why I don't mind being awaken in the middle of my beauty sleep. We talk for a while, I get up, run a few errands and I got a couple texts from Sheila, she tells me she is sick and being that our grams has cancer, I was a little weary of stopping by and then taking germs back home (I live with my grandparents... I know, I know, I'm 27 but I left my ex and decided to go to nursing school which is very demanding and which brings me "home" with my grandparents). Anyhow, She asked me where I was, I stated I was home, and she was like... home, home? "Yes, home home" I replied. She told me she was sick and home alone. I took that as a hint that she didn't want to be alone. So I went to go pay the auto insurance, passed her house (cause of the whole "germ" thing), I felt bad cause I could picture poor Sheila alone with no one to take care of her. I turned around and stopped by her house. We watched some Maury (I hate Maury by the way, I think he's a perv) I got distracted and I dint remember what it was that distracted me. I had watched the movie "Wit" with Emma Thompson for my Mental health course (has to do with "grief and loss") so I explained to her that it would be a good movie to watch and I wouldn't mind watching it again. A while into the movie I decided I didn't want to take notes, I laid down on the couch and started to drift away into dreamland. I think I heard myself snore, lol. I woke up and Sheila said to go lay down on her bed. I wake up and no one is home. I'm like "What the hell!" OK I check my email, get a call from the police department (I have an interview tomorrow at 9 am).

I then get a call from my good friend Missy who asks if I could accompany her to Progresso, Mexico to see a dentist. I grab my flip flops and hop into Missy's car (she picked me up). The dentist was really cool; he was a jokester which eased the anxiety. He made us laugh a lot and even let me see inside my friends mouth while he was working on loosening up the sucker. She decides the best thing to do is to extract her wisdom tooth which had a cavity, a bad one (so bad it was causing a lot of pain and migraines). Missy was pretty scared so I offered to hold her hand and my phone can play songs, so what better time to listen to Jack Jonson (I love him!). The music calmed her down and at that point I decided that if my Jack could calm someone during a wisdom tooth extraction, then I will listen to him when I give birth... whenever that may be. Anyhow the dentist said that wisdom teeth aren't really good for anything and just cause problems. I agree, but my dentist told me (a while back) that I didn't need to take mine out, and they were "just fine", Yay for me! So the actual extraction took maybe 10 seconds, what took the most time was loosening up the tooth itself. Boy, was it a huge sucker! I think she got to keep it as a souvenir.
On another note...

Tomorrow is my first clinical day at the Behavioral Center. Since we are studying mental health we get to work with the mentally ill. I'm pretty excited but it is completely different from working in a regular hospital treating the medically ill. I dont have to check blood pressure or other vitals, I dont have to administer medication, I just get to talk, which is what I do best. I'll let y'all know how that goes. Anyhow I guess I should go to bed so that I can wake up early, got to my interview (I hope I get hired, and I hope they will work with my schedule) then go the the behavioral center at 1pm.
G'Night Yall!


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The Teenage Years said...

Thanks Cyn.
Yes I'll keep my grades up, and you already told me about bootcamp.