Monday, March 28, 2011

Cyn-Cyn got her groove back

I am so thrilled to be working again. I guess you could say I was DONE living off the fat of the land and I desperately wanted to get back into the workforce. Today was my first day and although orientation sucks, it's really the easiest money you can make. I cant complain of the 7 hours I spent straining my eyes with the computer screen, I wont complain of the countless exams I had to take (and I'm not even done yet), I think I could even feel my neurons moving across my synapses lol. OK so the HIPPA, PHI, and OSHA stuff is really boring, but getting NCLEX style questions really got my brain going. I swear I lost millions of brain cells watching TV, something I RARELY did. I didn't bring my nursing books so I didn't have anything educational to review so any news or updates I got from my nursing friends was my only stimulation LOL. Anyhow, my day went great and since I finished all but three exams, I get to go in at whatever time tomorrow to complete them. I think I'm gonna go after lunch... I'm not such a morning person. I guess I should get used to it with a baby on the way but for now, if I don't have to wake up at 7, I WONT!

During one of my exams, while I was deep in thought, I swear that I heard someone say that a pregnant woman came in to fill out an application and they told her there were no openings. I could have misheard, like I said, I was really focused so I'm not 100% sure. Technically there aren't any full time positions open, just PRN or "as needed" (the company needs nurses for the area but being it is a small town that covers a large area, they leave the "full-time" positions for the larger cities or something like that... and I don't really care, I need the flexibility). I didn't tell them I was expecting and well, they didn't ask... my intention is not to be deceitful, however I just didnt want to compromise getting hired.

I feel so much better now that I have a job... OK, so I've only worked one day, but to feel like you have a purpose is indescribable. I enjoyed not working for a week or two, but having bills to pay with no income coming in definitely takes it's toll. Not only that, you start (well I did) to feel somewhat depressed being at home all day. I respect stay at home moms and wives but I can honestly say, I don't think it's for me... at least not in the country LOL. Give me places to go and people to see and a nice allowance, and I'm good to go. Seriously though, I enjoy being a nurse, I love to help others... that is after all, my purpose in life.

I pray the enthusiasm lasts long, and when it doesn't, that means it's time for a change. There is nothing I despise more than an irritated and miserable nurse who stays in a position for the money. One thing I've learned in my short experience, never do something for the money... you really do work your butt off and the more money you make, the more responsibility and liability that comes with your job.

So yes, I got my groove back. I am no longer pity party Cyn-Cyn. I cant wait for my first pay check :D

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