Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Baby!

10 days and counting till I get to see my little one again, hopefully on a 4d sonogram. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this baby wont be as stubborn as I am and give me a little peep show so we can find out the gender. I am sooo excited I've been counting down since my last appointment. I've come to realize the more I count down, the longer the wait is. What is helping is that I get to work now, so that means I am not at home bored all day and my mind is occupied. Everyone apparently says this baby is a girl... I say, "who knows". Perhaps it's time for another girl. I'm surrounded by boys... all the great grand children on my paternal side are boys except for Miah... and on my maternal side... Damn... there are too many grandchildren to count, forget counting the great grand children lol, I lost track years ago... but there are lots of boys. I honestly don't care, this baby is a gift, and boy or girl, I am grateful. All I can pray for is a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten little toes.

I've finally reached the half way mark... 21 weeks today and little by little I am starting to "feel" pregnant. Aside from the weight gain, I've managed to grow cankles... Oh Joy! As much as I have to run to the bathroom, I'm surprised there is enough fluid to stay in my legs and feet. Fortunately, blood pressure is good so no problems there. I hadn't had any swelling so I think the culprit was that half bag of pistachios I ate... which also gave me my first bout of pregnancy induced heartburn. Indigestion really sucks :-/

Work is going great. Since I still haven't mentioned I'm expecting, bathroom trips during ride alongs can get really tricky. Fortunately I've been with two nurses who pee just as much as I do. We literally make a potty break after every patient visit... yay for me! I don't know what their excuses are since they are roughly my age, but I blame mine on the tea... ;) Speaking of bathroom urgencies... Why is it that every time we go have family dinner and my step father drives, he ALWAYS makes a detour? AND I MEAN ALWAYS. I know the urgencies can come on rather quickly so I ask before we leave, "are we going straight home"? The answer is always yes and then he decides to take a scenic route when the baby decides my bladder is a trampoline. Men! I just about wet my pants and I was one more bump in the dirt road from asking him to stop so I could pop a squat.

Speaking of bouncing baby... This little body high-jacker is quite the "Ultimate Lightweight Championship kick boxer". I love to just feel him or her move inside of me. While it feels like an alien body snatcher has invaded my uterus, I can just sit or lay in awe while it karate chops away. How can something so small (about 10 inches head to toe and about 11 oz) be so strong? I can already feel some of the movements when I place my hand on my abdomen. I don't know about other babies but mine is probably gonna be the next super hero LOL ;)

As far as other pregnancy symptoms, I cant really complain. I can eat apples now and actually enjoy them (anyone who knows me, knows I HATED apples unless they were chamomanzanas- apples coated in chamoy candy). I cant say I "crave" them but I can see one, eat it, and enjoy it. My mom apparently has the munchies... She eats a lot of Cheetos LOL. Smells don't bother me so I can pretty much eat anything... but sometimes I'll pass on meat if it's in a soup or something. I am actually concerned about my weight gain, I suppose I should start exercising even though I say I am going to start every day, and I don't ;(. This next doctor's appointment will have elapsed a period of a month between visits. Usually my visits are every two weeks, I guess Doc thought I was doing well. So I've been dwelling on my weight gain. During one of our bathroom breaks today, I saw a scale... it said I lost twenty pounds. What a waste of a quarter. I knew it was impossible. I had to make a Wal-mart run today so I went to the scale isle and weigh myself. Bad news... I gained too much. Sheesh. It's impossible to only gain 15 pounds during 9 months when you're hungry all the time. I am seriously hoping I get a late case of "all day sickness" so I can lose a couple pounds lol. JK. I'm not a bulimic but it sounded good for a moment. OK, it really didn't but I guess I should really start exercising. Blah. If it's best for the baby, it shouldn't be that much to sacrifice.

I'm hoping the rest of this pregnancy goes well. Ive had minor complications and have a long road ahead of me still but with a few sacrifices, I hope for the best.

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Jessica S. Knott said...

Eat 6 small meals a day & walk 4 atlwast 30 min each day...I use to do 2-3 15 minute walks that way it didn't feel like so much & I only gained 20 lbs with my 1st two pregnencies & with my last one I gained 15 lbs & was back in my size 2 wks after delivery. I hve c-sections so it took me a lil longer to start working out post partum...but its all good....hvin a baby is a good reason 4 hvin a few extra lbs....I can't wait 2 find out what u r hvin....