Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Worst Week EVER!!!

So much has gone on this week and well, part of last week. For starters we all (our household) got sick. It started with my mother having a respiratory virus that turned into a full blown sinus infection. It hit her pretty bad she missed an entire week of work. I don't think she has EVER missed a week of work, OK, well except for when she had her spinal fusion last January. She finally started feeling better when I started feeling bad. It began with post nasal drip causing a sore throat and then the symptoms hit me all at once. I pretty much spent the whole weekend in bed, the one symptom I didn't get was loss of appetite. I was kinda hoping for that one LOL (not really). I still wasn't feeling well so I called in on Monday, yup... two weeks into my new job and I already called in sick. Let me tell you though, I seriously needed it. And so the cycle continues... Now that I am feeling better (sort of) my step dad is as sick as a dog... LITERALLY! Men are such babies LOL. But on a serious note, he is pretty sick. I just hope this passes soon so I can take him for his "Dino-Steak" with my first pay check, he took me so I guess now it's my turn to treat lol. So on top of being sick, now my truck happens to be quite pissed off at me. My truck and I have this awesome relationship. She hardly gives me any problems except for being a gas guzzler. I consider her my life saver. With my driving track record and all the vehicles I've totalled, this is the one that has lasted me the longest... besides, I feel safe. It's like a train. Cold, semi-shiny metal (She last lost most of her luster LOL) and compared to all these fiberglass vehicles, I feel safe. I've had this truck for many years now and I have a hard time parting with her. "Her" or "Him" whatever, I think men give me more problems so I consider my truck a "her". Anyhow... with this new job and driving about a 100+ miles a day and with gas quickly rising to $4 a gallon, I am considering getting a small economical car. I wasn't planning on going and getting myself into debt, just something to get me through the year until my baby comes... then on to bigger and better things. I must say... I WASN'T EVEN CONSIDERING GETTING RID OF MY TRUCK... besides, who knows when you need a second vehicle, or a truck for that matter. Anyhow, my aunt told me about a car her friend has for sale so I drove over to my aunt's house and waited for her friend to get out of work. You wouldn't believe what happened... I was walking to my truck to go check out this car and my door will not open... ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME??? It's stuck, and I mean, I can force it open but I will really mess up the body, the door is rubbing on the front fender or whatever you call it (as you can see I'm not a mechanic therefore I don't know parts, except for the ones I really need to know). I'm apparently the only one who appreciates my truck. My mom and brother are embarassed to be seen in it. They call it the "mojo" truck. It's a derogatory term used to describe Mexicans who cross the river. Anyway, I'll spare the details... And I'm Hispanic, Mexican, whatever you wanna call me, so yes, I can use the term. Anyways... so now I have to get into my truck through the passenger side... now that's ghetto. LOL, I'm actually quite embarrassed now. So now more than ever I want this car because I don't want to be seen climbing in and out of the passenger's side and sliding over to the driver's side all because my freakin' truck is pissed off at me for going to look at another vehicle. Now that's a bitch! lol. If climbing in and out like that isn't bad enough, try adding a baby bump. Not fun!
So as if all that wasn't bed enough, today has had to be the worst day in my entire nursing career. I've been up to my elbows in shit, literally... and I'm a nurse so I could handle it. I've seen blood and guts, and smelled things I wouldn't wish anyone to smell... melena is pretty bad, and so is gangrene. Anyway, so I'm starting to spread my wings with the company and instead of shadowing I get to do patient visits now with supervision of course. I was forewarned about the living conditions of this patient. Her home is pretty much condemned and APS has been called several times but they don't do anything. Her home is INFESTED with roaches. There are four dogs living in the home that are never taken out so they do their business on the carpet. The home smells horrible, I almost gagged... and that's cause my sinuses are stuffed and my breathing is compromised. It was horrible. With in two or three minutes of stepping into her home, roaches fall on me from the ceiling... one fell in my blouse and into my bra. I tried so hard to maintain my composure and not scream while trying to get these bugs off of me. The other nurse helped me but I couldn't find the one that landed in my bra. Sorry bug, I don't plan on taking you home and buying you a diamond leash and keeping you as my pet. I DON'T THINK SO! I had the heebie jeebies all day, I felt itchy and felt critters crawling all over me. We pulled into a gas station where I ran to the bathroom and stripped to shake off my clothes. I never found the roach so I still feel the crawlies all over me. GROSS! This week is not even half way done yet but there is only one thing that will make this week so work it... TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL MY SONO!

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