Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday (4-14-2011) probably has been the best and worst day of my life... OK, so I tend to exaggerate a bit (JUST A BIT) but it definitely was the best day of my life. I had been anticipating my prenatal visit with my new maternal-fetal specialist for over a month. My mother and I got off of work early so we could make my 1430 appointment. I could hardly sleep the night before and I wasn't sure if I should be anxious or elated... anxious because at my last appointment I had blood work for Down's-Syndrome screening for the baby (who wouldn't be nervous about that?) I get to my appointment just to be told the MFS did not make it in for the week. He comes from Austin, Tx two days out of the month. My heart sank and my claws came out. we had just driven about 40 minutes to get to my doctor's office and I hadn't received a call at home nor to my cell. I understand the clerk was just the messenger, but I just about ate her up and spit her out. I said I had driven all that way and I demanded to see someone. All she could say was sorry and I had a smart ass response for every excuse she had. I kinda made a scene (but only the people in line could hear, I don't raise my voice). I spoke to the manager, (I was just about to spit the "I am gonna have a BF and write a letter" line from White Chicks. Due to the high risk nature of my pregnancy, I am supposed to get seen every two weeks. As it is, I had already gone a month without being seen. So needless to say I got my way, I got to see my baby despite the fact that my blood pressure went up to 140, that is pretty high. I started to shake from anger and frustration and as soon as they said, "go have a seat and we will call you in, we fit you in", I started to cry... 'cause I'm a big baby and that's how I deal with my emotions. I gave up on finding out the sex and just faced the fact that I probably had to wait another two weeks. As soon as I heard my baby's heartbeat I felt at ease. I had a heart to heart with my regular OB and my mom said we were so excited to find out the sex only to be disappointed. He said will that make you happy, we both said YES!!! :D. And of course I started to cry again... I suppose I could blame all the crying on the pregnancy hormones but I'd only be kidding myself, I've always been the emotional one LOL. We didn't get a detailed sono but we got to find out the sex... they even gave my mom a pic too! Well... WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!! I couldn't be any happier... and of course I cried again, and again, and again LOL.

On another note... I just got home about 30 minutes ago with my "new to me" car. No more hopping in to the passenger seat rolling around to get to the driver's side with a pregnant belly scraping my elbows on the upholstery. My car is little, nothing fancy, but it will get me too and from work, does great on gas, I don't have to enter the passenger's side, it's been very well maintained, and I can go on and on, but the best perk is NO PAYMENT! I paid it all up front. I used up all my savings so I've got about 80 bucks left to get me through. Luckily they filled up my tank so I'm good to go. Oh yeah... so today was my first pay day and my direct deposit hasn't kicked in yet, unfortunately, that means I have to wait for my check to come in the mail. Boohoohoo for me. I was so ready to go shopping.

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