Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cat's out of the Bag

I mentioned previously that I was afraid to tell my bosses at work that I am expecting. During my first week of office training, I swore I heard something along the lines of a pregnant woman being turned away... as it turns out, I guess I was just paranoid. There is a saying in Spanish, "el sordo no oye pero compone", translating to “the deaf man can’t hear, but he can make it up.” I was so focused on my testing/training and worried that I wouldn't get hired because I was pregnant that I guess I heard what I wanted to hear... you know how that goes. Well it turns out some people from work had already found out but that's life in a small town. Unfortunately word got out on Facebook, It apparently was one of my mom's acquaintances since I don't know anyone in town, nor did I tell anyone. Well you know people... they like to talk. I was more than furious, I will say though, if I wasn't pregnant, I would really give this town something to talk about. Anyhow, my bosses were fine with it, so they said. They expressed to me everything was OK, thankfully, it was. I felt so dumb after the fact, I went into talk to my boss after our weekly meeting and I started tearing up in the office lol. It's the hormones. I hate that I am more emotional that ever. I'm just glad I don't have anything hanging over my head anymore. Work continues to go well. I wish I was better/more efficient at the paperwork but I know that all comes in due time.

Speaking of due time... going on 25 weeks. 15 weeks and 2 days to go Wow! Time sure goes by fast, I just wish I could enjoy it more rather than being worried all the time. We started to shop a little, mostly for baby shower stuff and it's pretty exciting. I bought some baby shoes and a little onsie, oh, and a couple of blankies. I think I will definitely wait till later to do more shopping. The idea of having a baby is finally starting to set in but I'm still a little in denial lol. I guess it really wont hit me till he's here. I think calling him by his name is definitely helping... Matthew... Music to my ears <3 <3 <3 Heartburn has become my worst enemy. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING gives me heartburn even water. UGH! There's an old wives's tale that if you get a lot of heartburn, the baby will have lots of hair when it's born. Well, I don't know about that but time will tell. Tum's and I and BFF's these days. Baby's moving around a lot. Especially when my mom barges into my room, shakes my belly and starts singing to him. He is definitely a lot like me so far, he is up late and likes to sleep in but since I have to wake up early for work... well, let's just say we're both not happy campers. I finally got my 4-D sonogram. If that wasn't the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, I don't know what is. When I see the image, I can see two different things, one with his profile, mouth closed and then another with the mouth open and slightly higher with a tiny nose between the his eyes (the second option is kind of scary... so Ill just go with the first one where his mouth is closed) They didn't exactly tell me, and well, I didn't exactly ask, I was just so happy to see him. He had his hand tucked under his chin (just not in the picture) ADORABLE! What can I say? That's my baby. So he is definitely a boy and I couldn't be happier. I just need to sit back and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy instead of being such a hypochondriac. The specialist looked at all his organs and said so far good. They want to monitor his heart closely so, I have another appointment with the specialist in a month and with my regular OB, in two weeks. I saw his kidneys, his the four chambers in his heart, his brain, his spine, feet, and hands. The doctor said his foot was over his head (wow his is just as limber as me lol, well I'm not so much these days). When the specialist took over, this little baby boy gave him a hard time. He moved too much at my 7 week sono to get a good measurement, he moved way too much at my 10 week sono (the doctor almost gave up, but after 50 minutes of pushing on my full bladder and almost having an accident, we got his measurements), When we found out his sex, he didn't want to cooperate, and yet again with this appointment. Mom says he is shy, I say he is just as stubborn as I am... Lord help me!

While I couldn't be happier that I'm having a baby, I am starting to feel self-conscious, something I RARELY had an issue with. I am gaining way too much weight. I don't fit in any pre-pregnancy clothes so I went maternity clothes shopping a while back. I thought it would be a good idea to get some maternity underwear. I spent 45 bucks on new panties and I HATE THEM! Motherhood sure has expensive stuff and the quality is not so good, In my opinion. I like that the pants cinch at the waist (when I'm not wearing them) so it looks as if my waist is the width of my leg (makes me feel good lol), and then there are the maternity underwear. My new underwear look like parachutes :-/ Why cant they have that cool elastic thing around the waist too? As it is I already have a complex about my weight gain. My face looks fatter, I feel like I have three necks, my feet feel like they have grown a size, I cant see my crotch, and my thighs rub together now (not good). We all know what happens when your thighs rub... yup, chaffing. I think it's a combination of thunder thighs and my new horrible underwear. It just baffles me that Motherhood cant even make seamless underwear. They literally feel like the .99 cent panties on the clearance rack at Walmart, CHEAP. Anyhow, Mom and I went to Tractor Supply Company and Guess what I saw... Lady Anti Monkey Butt LOL

I thought it was the funniest thing ever and I just had to try it out, it's for chaffing and has calamine lotion but in a silky, powdery form. It smells nice lol. I was going to get the KY anti-chaffing/silkening lotion but I saw this one first. It was this, or not wearing any panties at all. I think I'd rather wear underwear, besides I don't want to give Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan competition. I'd win hands down... Just saying. lol. So we'll see how this powder goes.

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