Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

<-- My beautiful Momma

This has probably been the best Mother's Day EVER! Not for me (I don't count yet) but just the fact that I got to spend it with my mother, something I hadn't been able to do in such a long time. Sending cards and gifts across the miles just isn't the same as spending quality mother/daughter time. I've been spoiling my mom for the past two weeks, so in all, I'd have to say this has probably been the best Mother's Day she has ever had... well since before my brother and I left home and we got to spend it all together. I had plans to visit my hometown this weekend but many factors played into not making the trip... besides the fact that all I wanna do is sleep the minute I sit my butt down in a vehicle. With no one helping me drive the 8-9 hour trip (depends on traffic and potty breaks) along with bills, saving up for my little bundle of joy, and of course THE FACT THAT IT'S MOTHER'S DAY, I decided not to go. Unfortunately I cant make everyone happy and this weekend my mother was my priority. I would have loved to have been there to see my family and friends but I had to make a choice. Mom and I spent the whole day together yesterday and we had such a great time. We hadn't spent alone time practically the entire time I've been here... well, she has been accompanying me on my doctor's visits but those are usually stressful for me and well, we usually just do lunch, if that.

Our day started off kind of late, I've been feeling very exhausted so I woke up Saturday morning around 9 am. We went to look at some stuff for my baby shower, had lunch at Peter Piper Pizza (guess we were both just in the mood... I swear you'd say she is the pregnant one with all the cravings lol), we relaxed with mother/daughter mani/pedi's, and then she got to do a little shopping for her self. I've been needing new sneakers for work but yet again, I managed to not spend a penny on myself... well, besides lunch and the mani/pedi. At the end of the day, mom treated me to some Coldstone ice cream YUM. We were both tuckered out, me with my swollen and aching feet and what felt like waddling to each new destination and mom limping from pain (she is still not 100% after her surgery a year and a half ago). I cant complain... the day was great and being with my mom was the best. We had plans for church this morning, which was very nice followed by breakfast at a Mexican restaurant. We pretty much came home and spent the day here. We had other plans that fell through... someone (and I wont mention any names, but I will say was not my mother or myself) was being Oscar the Grouch. I get in a bad mood easily so that set me off. I cant stand when people shit on my parade, if you wanna have a pity party don't invite me!

Anyhow, besides the grump, my weekend was awesome! I even got an early mother's day gift, A SWEDISH MASSAGE. Nope, it wasn't a full body massage but more like an abdominal massage, lol, Baby Matthew is taking after his great grandma Minnie and has already picked up some massage therapy skills in utero. I can only imagine what he will be like when he is 4 and all I have to say is rub Mamma's feet and I'll give you a dollar... but I don't want to speed up time, I want to enjoy every minute of him when he gets here.

I may not be a mommy yet, but I have celebrated this day in my own special way for the past 5 years. My little Angel is always in my heart and there is never a day that I forget. I often wonder what life would be like, but God has a reason for everything and it's not for me to ask why, but rather to accept and know my Angel had a divine purpose.

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