Saturday, October 17, 2009

Midnight ramblings

I should be asleep right now however my insomnia and ADD are completely out of hand. Yesterday I was up for 24 hours straight, I couldn't sleep 'cause my mind was racing at a million mph. WTF (I saw on some new show, "Modern Family" I think it was, where the dad character is using all this IM lingo and according to him WTF means "whatever the face" only I really mean WHAT THE F%*K lol)! Yeah... Anyhow... So I'm supposed to be asleep so I can be up early for my first meeting as "President" I came up with a vision for the club and some great ideas, we'll see how it goes. OMG, I know... ON A SATURDAY! We gotta do what we gotta do.

So I'm watching Anderson Cooper 360. I think I'm in love. I think it's his devilishly sexy silver hair or his side sweep (lol). He is sooo smart, makes my heart melt, and makes me speechless. Yeah I know... or think he plays for the other team. Damn, I'm sucker for gay men... Remember this... Just like they say... All the good ones are either taken or gay. Boohoo!

Just look at this Yummy Goodness. Be still my beating heart. ANDERSON COOPER... YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY!!!

On Anderson Cooper news...

Balloon Boy Drama: TOTALLY HOAX! His vomiting episodes on TV totally gave it away. Then... the home video was edited to cut out the part where the freakin' kid says "I'm gonna sneak inside". If he was my kid... I woulda whooped his ass. But then again, I'm not and I'm pretty sure it was a publicity stunt. C'mon now, the family was on wife swap. The balloon doesn't even look like it could hold a kid. GET REAL!

Baby that fell under the train... OMG! That shit is CRAZY! It's a miracle he is still alive. Ummm, I think that's why strollers have brakes... SO UR KID DOESN'T ROLL AWAY FROM YOU!

John Gosselin getting sued: That's what you get "Moe Foe" (My manfriend's favorite phrase) I know, I had a crush on him too. I think it'll be just my luck to find out in a couple of months that he is gay too. Only he is a total douche bag and I really wouldn't care if he was. I DESPISE PUBLICITY WHORES! I'm surprised OCTOMOM is MIA... well actually, I don't really watch TV its just a coincidence that I am watching now... but 'cause I'm crushing on AC.

Justice Nixes Inter-racial marriage: Ignorant sons of bitches that don't know better. I say we just kick 'em in the nuts... or the vag if they're chicks. Went to the bar last night and this black guy hit on me... Hmmm... I so shot him down... But I'm not racist. I know for a fact that he was a wife beater (I think/hope she left him) and that he had so many sexual harassment charges against him at his prior employment... How do I know... I used to work there, that was like almost 4 years ago and 'cause one of my close friends also used to work with him. And he is gross, SOOO NOT MY TYPE!

Pigs catch swine flu: WHOA! 'nuff said.

Self Help Guru & Sweat Lodge Homicides: Crazy... who would pay almost 10 grand to go to that crazy cult stuff?

Near Death Experience: Not exactly "near", Could be true I think... Sounds REALLY interesting... As a matter of fact, my aunt's boyfriend claims he had one. He told me his vision, which I would love to share with y'all, but um... I forgot what it was.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol@ you having a thing for gay men. your attitude about dudes "either being taken or gay" would make it seem like all the good men are unavailable to you.

stop that. lol

and go to sleep. i find myself in a non sleep state for days at a time. then as soon as something important comes up i'm sleepy as hell. so now i just trick myself. i set a reminder on my phone that says, "important" and like 2 minutes after it goes off i go to sleep. weird huh?

~Sheila~ said...

Think I will get the same effect if I color Angel's hair silver in his sleep?


Maybe I shouldn't risk it. I wouldn't want all the girls drooling after my man with his sexy silver