Thursday, October 8, 2009

That's Ms. President to you

So I am officially President of the photography club at school. Whoa... Who woulda thought. Up until last night I didn't even wanna join. I came home from school so F'n tired. I crashed out close to 10 pm and woke up so refreshed at what I thought was the morning. It was 1215. I was like AWESOME!!!! I actually slept a whole night without waking up. Actually... it was 1215 am. So much for that :-/ Anyhow I started thinking about photography and how I needed to redo some assignments. Not cause I was told to, just cause I though I could do better. Then the whole idea came to mind... I'm gonna be PRESIDENT! That came out of nowhere. So then that was all I could think about. I re-shot my pics. My room is my little studio (haha like where else am I gonna shoot) and it literally looked like a tornado wiped out my room. Shit was everywhere... I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!! I had just hopped back into bed and then I felt the need to clean my room... at 3 in the morning. WTF! I couldn't sleep without doing it. It was CHAOS! I had a small path I could walk through but I did have to step over a few things.

We went over our portfolios at the club meeting. Of course mine were first... tough act to follow, I can honestly say my photos really stood out. I know I know so full of myself. But what can I say? I'm dedicated. Only thing is... we have a club full of members with AMAZING cameras. I kinda feel like the kid that had hand me down clothes at the beginning of a new school year. Almost embarrassed... but not too embarrassed. I started thinking of ways that I could get a new camera. OK so all the illegal options are out of the question. BOOHOO! :( Then I started thinking of fundraisers, but that's so much work. GOSH! Couldn't I be as privileged ... but then I thought... I actually appreciate what I have when I have to work for it. I just wish for once something awesome would happen like Ashton Kutcher would give me one of his cameras from the Nikon commercial, the one where he is like... all I need is my camera, and underwear. HA! OMG that would be SO F'N AMAZING!!! But fairy tales do not exist for people like me, we have to work hard for what we want... I dont work... so does that mean I wont get what I want? Sheila, if Devyn helps you win the lottery can you buy me a camera? lol... Um... PLEASE?


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

congrats ms. president. don't sweat the camera thing too much. you can (and by you pictures in your last post) take great pictures. i know the difference all the fancy shit and crazy accurate lenses make. but you can make due, till you get that lotto camera, at least.

i'm also glad things are going better for you.

Cyn said...

Thanks TUN