Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loyal till the day i die...

That's right... I said it... I'm gonna be a loyal Wal-Mart customer TILL THE DAY I DIE. I don't care if Wal-Mart sells products from China (just don't put them in your mouth), hires illegals (what??? some of them out there just might be my peeps), takes business from our little mom and pop shops, sends US jobs to other countries, or drives out competition (since when is that a crime?). I love the fact that I can buy my cereal, dog food (for Troy not me... although I ate it once as a kid), frozen pizza, fabric, tampons & Kotex, shoes, clothes, and electronics all in one place anytime of they day or night. They offer some of the most competitive prices for just about ANYTHING. For now... I'm a broke-ass, unemployed, student (professional student or not, I'm still in school) which leaves me no choice to shop where I don't have to dig so deep into my pockets.

So when I said I'm gonna shop there till the day I die, I LITERALLY meant till the day I die, and I don't mean that my family is gonna dress me up in the latest Miley Cyrus/Max Azria get up (that is unless they want me to look like a hillbilly) sporting yellow and black plaid with slinky, shiny, vinyl leggings (OK I kinda dig the leggings even though I think I'd be committing serious faux pas). What I meant was I can now shop for my casket or urn for my funeral or cremation, which ever I choose. That's right! As of last week, Wal-Mart made available their newest line of funeral "furniture" online. HOW EXCITING IS THAT! LOL! I checked out the website . Casket prices range from $999.00 - $3199.99 while urns range from $34.82-$214.00. I wonder if they have a "Sam's Choice" or "Great Value"brand yet? I haven't see one yet fit for THE QUEEN OF RANDOM but I'm sure we can collaborate and come up with something that might just work out great for my notorious departure.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm with you. ppl always ask my ass why i'm at walmart. i say anyplace i can go 24hrs/day and get whatever the hell i want or need is a must. and it's right next to my favorite food stop "shanes rib shack".

i am in walmart like they giving away free food and shit. it's gotten so bad, when i go the the regular grocery store i am disgusted at what i can't buy to the point where i'm like...i need to just leave this basket and go to walmart. walamrt 4 life.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm with you guys on the Walmart bandwagon. I was just saying to my kids the other day that I never had any "name brand" clothing growing up. All my stuff was bought at walmart. Angel wants me to "splurge" and go shop at Dillards or JCPenney or something like that. Aren't those places in the Mall? Can't go there. Besides, the kids are just gonna grow out of that stuff right away anyway.

Walmart will definitely be where I will buy my cemetery plot (I predict they will be selling land for burial in the near future).
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