Friday, June 6, 2008

The Nanny Diaries

So If I haven't already mentioned, I am watching my cousins kids for the summer. I had an awesome day planned for us beginning with Cole Park. This is just a huge park located on the ocean front. It's cool, really, it's got a skate park for Dom and Devyn, and a nice play area for Miah, a cool pier, and a track that I should definitely take advantage of. Sheila sent me a text this morning that there was a shooting out there. OMG! There goes my fun plan. Well I'm pretty sure it wasn't at the park but down the ocean front which stretches for several miles. I was also gonna take the kids to the humane society so we could selflessly donate our time and walk a few abandoned animals, but Miah's got some allergies. I'll see if I can find her allergy meds so that way we could go. I think this would be a great experience for them and teach them about animal advocacy. Before you go there, No, I'm not one of those people picketing outside of KFC, but I do believe that all animals have rights too. If all else fails, there's the pool, the kids have a blast there regardless, and we don't even have to leave.

So I'm not home sick yet or anything but I am missing my babies dearly. I'm not sure if they will last all summer cause they have separation anxiety. The last time I left them they stopped eating and got very sick.. The pic is of Devyn (Sheila's baby), Noah my Maltese and Troy my Chi-Pom, and yes he's a savage beast, hence the muzzle)

Well I guess I'm done blabbing for now, let me get back to the kiddos.


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