Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Bumps and Badonkydonks

After three long weeks of waiting to see my new doctor the time has finally come... well almost. I have my appointment on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! Too bad I couldn't get seen sooner for that horrendous poison oak (I can only assume) rash I had all over my abdomen for two and a half weeks... THAT WAS HORRIBLE! All the nurses could recommend was Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream. After two days of practically feeling knocked out by the Benadryl, I pretty much stopped since the rash wasn't going away and I pretty much figured out it wasn't an allergic reaction. I treated myself with every possible cream in the first aid section but what worked the best was Caladryl and Sarna lotion. But fortunately the rash has cleared and all I have left is a patch of dry skin where the rash was, no biggie compared to the intense itching. Time is flying by so fast and although I still worry, I am not as apprehensive as I was before. I'm now in my second trimester and hoping the baby's sex can be determined. I keep getting asked if I want a boy or a girl... truth of the matter is, I just want a healthy baby. It still feels surreal, like an out of body experience... I know it's happening but it doesn't feel like it's happening to me. Guess I'm still in denial but ready or not, here this baby comes.

There are so many old wives's tales that determine the sex of the baby... I tried the Chinese gender calendar, two actually... one where you input some information and another that's an actual calendar... one said boy one said girl... Uh OK. My BFFs friend did some numerology thing and she said I was having a boy. My grandma said I'm probably having a girl since my cousin's little boy practically has a love/hate relationship with me. He's only two and wants me around but when I'm there, he kicks and hits me. My mom says it's a girl also since apparently I have a big ass now and have gained so much weight :-/ I don't over eat and stick to my diet 98% of the time... I give in to my mom's yummy cornbread... What? Don't judge! lol. Either way I'll be happy with whatever God gives me. So as much as I try to hide behind loose clothes and my rapid weight gain, I must admit I have a baby bump... although you really cant tell cause I'm extra fluffy these days. I'm sure the Dr. is gonna have me on some serious fridge lock down and exercise but that's OK since Doc knows what's best for my sweet pea. And did I mention... this ignorant Mexican lady totally pissed me off. She said I got super duper fat and asked if I was having triplets. WTF! I know she wasn't serious about me having three but she just wanted to put me down. My Spanish isn't so well that I can defend myself but if you could only imagine the English words that ran through my mind.

Aside from all that I feel good, I don't even feel pregnant yet... OK so I have to pee all the time, especially at night which is REALLY annoying, I get out of breath easily which only means I need to start exercising more, and I've gained weight in places I never thought I would... like my ass. So having a bigger butt has it's perks but not when you're still trying to fit in the last two pair of jeans you have left. I've out grown all my pants except for two pair of jeans that fit me big before I found out I was pregnant and my sweats which is very depressing. I think when we go to town for my doctor's appointment on Thursday (which is an hour away) I'm gonna hit up some stores and buy some maternity clothes. I swore up and down that I would never wear them... Oh well, I want some jeans and at this point I don't really care. Just taking this one day at a time. I sometimes think I can feel the baby move, which makes this feel more real... but then I think... maybe it's just gas... And while that is a little TMI, it's totally natural even when you're not pregnant... Besides, I'm also now the Queen of Belching. Yup... it's pretty gross and I really don't care... unless I'm in public. Oh yeah... So I was saying I had no symptoms and here I am listing them all lol, I guess I meant the major ones. Sleep has become my best friend these days... That's all I wanna do. I wake up at 8 or 9 to have a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and I'm still sleepy so all I wanna do is crawl back into bed. Lunch time comes around and I get sleepy... at 4 I'm ready for another nap. Most days, I avoid the naps but I seriously need them... Just call me Sleeping Beauty. ;)

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