Saturday, July 16, 2011

Showered with love

My RGV baby shower came and went and if you ask me, we had a pretty good turn out considering many people were on vacation. The best part was that I was able to make it to my shower. Everything was planned out, car was packed, and we were ready to celebrate this baby boy... But there was one thing... I had a doctor's appointment the Thursday we were planning to leave. The original plan was to get out of work around noon and head out to the appointment, then head south to the Valley. All that changed when my dr changed the appointment to first thing in the morning because my amniotic fluid levels began to decline again. I prayed and prayed everything would be fine. My report wasn't great, fluid levels were lower than previously but I was still allowed to travel (my dr wasn't there so his associate gave me the OK not knowing any of my history. I honestly feel my dr would have put me in the hospital and there would have been a baby shower without me). I had strict rules to abide by: push fluids, don't get over-heated, rest as much as possible, and do frequent kick counts. It was impossible to have an enjoyable time feeling so paranoid about the baby's health. Little by little I started to feel the chaos of things not going as planned. I had lots to do and very little help. I started to feel like baby-momma-zilla. Things weren't going my way and at that point I wished I would have done everything myself instead to avoid all that. Like they say, "if you want things done right, do it yourself". Of course, being that I was so far away, there was only so much I could do from a distance, regardless, I was happy and very much appreciative of the help... Anxiousness and impatience got the better part of me for a moment but I quickly regained my composure. The day before the shower I still had a lot of decorations to take care of and had no help whatsoever (mom was at my step brother's house working on her own tasks). I stayed at my dad's house and was appalled that my own step mother didn't offer to help... That is until the day of the baby shower and I was already out of the shower and ready to go. Uhhh... No, I don't need your help! She saw me lifting heavy boxes to take out being that my friend was going to pick them up and take to venue... Not one finger did that woman lift. And she wonders why after 6 years or however long she's been married to my dad and we aren't BFFs. She even had the nerve to show up an hour late. And stayed for only 45 minutes. Anyways... This isn't about her but she just chaps my ass 80% of the time... (She is a great cook so that makes up for the other 20%.) Mom, my friend, my Sis in law, my cousins fiancé, and myself arrive an hour early to set up... The hour quickly passes and we had guests arriving and we weren't completely done setting up, they offered to help and we were very grateful! I forgot to pack the cake knife, the games didn't run as smoothly as I would have liked, I was tired as hell, and so ready for the day to be over, but nonetheless I had a great time seeing family and friends all who are excited about Matthew as I am
The drive back was long and uncomfortable, I hardly had any room and stretching my legs was out of the question. My room went from the usual to super chaotic. I tried organizing as much as I could but with little space and so much of Matthew's things I was starting to panic. I had an appointment the next day and had to prepare for the worst being that my fluid levels kept decreasing. I tried cleaning up and arranging as much as I could cause in my mind, I'd probably be having a baby the next day (considering all the circumstances) my bag packed and Matthew's hospital bag ready as well... turns out I didn't need them... At least not yet! Things are looking up, just hoping they stay that way for a little longer. Of course I want to see my precious baby boy, I just don't want him to have any complications from coming too soon.
I retuned to work (doc says it'll keep me active, so no bed rest for me... And no getting off work early... Awww shux! Lol JK) and with paperwork up the whazoo (I don't know how everyone else finishes so early :-/ makes me miss my previous job with PSA) and not waking up till 9AM, I haven't had time until today to get all of Matthews belongings situated and my room cleaned out. I set up the bouncer yesterday and the diaper genie today... Let me tell you I had the hardest time setting up that diaper pail thing... 2 freakin' steps and it took me forever! I couldn't get the hinge to lock but no worries, I got it! Lol! And my room looks 90% better. YAY!
The kind ladies at work are throwing me/Matthew a baby shower on Wednesday so I'm excited for that too. I didn't plan one here in town since I don't know many people but I am very grateful that they thought about us, it was a nice surprise when they told me. :D
So for now just work and bi-weekly appointments till my Matthew gets here. I couldn't be happier :D

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