Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No hugs for da thugs...

(This one's for Missy... 'cause she says I only write about Matthew these days and AS IF SHE HAS EVEN READ A BLOG IN OVER A YEAR... What! Don't act like I don't know)
Nope... no hugs for da thugs, from me anyway. So I get to a patient's apartment today and there were some NASTY looking wanna-be gangstas in a parking area near by (No offense to those who like the gangstas or the cholos.. and this has nothing to do with race... just so happens to be my observation today). No, I didn't get scared, nor did I hang on to my belongings tightly like I do when I go to Mexico (although, that might be a good idea since the patient did say to always lock up and never leave anything that can be stolen in the car), I mean... why should I fear them? They should fear me... They don't call me the "Nutcracker" for nothing! LOL Just kidding, I crack myself up sometimes... OK, so I made the "nutcracker" part up but I am from the Valley, so I'm sure I can scrape up some PSJA (Pharr-San Juan-Alamo) flava and lay it on them. Of course I look, NOT 'cause they're hot, but because their pants are hanging off their asses, my poor eyes are blinded by their ghetto foil paper grillz, and I cant help but wonder if those do-rags cut off circulation to their brain (That's just the nurse in me... What? I'm genuinely concerned). And can someone please explain to me why it is that men and I suppose some women too, who wear their pants at their knees have the need to grab their crotch? I don't desire to see the size of their package, if they really wanted they could ask me to measure it... like I said, I'm a nurse, and what nurse doesn't carry a measuring tape? Would they like me to examine their VD (venereal disease)? Cause I'd rather leave that up to someone else? And they don't just grab it for a second or two, they start walking towards me and keep it in their hand, and of course they got their swag and walk with a limp like they "got shot with a few shells" like 50 cent. Anyways... So no, I definitely wasn't interested in their looks as opposed to all the curiosities that flooded my brain at that moment. I don't mind all saggy pants wearing men... I mean.. I LOOOVE me some Usher and Chino Moreno... just to name a few, but they aren't gross and I suppose it's just a matter of personal preference, but that's just me. Anyhow... since I now live in the country and I dont see any Usher's or Chino's around here, I get to see some nice looking "Wrangler butts". I don't always look at their face 'cause sometimes the teeth scare me (they either don't have any or they are in between orange, brown, and black... They snuff a lot around here... AND AGAIN, IT'S NOT EVERYONE BEFORE ANYONE STARTS TO FEEL OFFENDED) I like to look at a nice smile (and a nice butt), again... that's just my preference.

Back to that patient I was visiting... He has a lot of interesting stories he shares with me, some are scary, some are odd, and some are just way weird (I'm charting while he is yapping away, I really do listen and throw in an "uh huh" or an "oh my word" in every once in a while so he knows I'm listening lol). It's aways a different story. Today was about the prostitute that was getting evicted. So this young woman who has a husband in prison (who, btw, is getting out very soon) has been turning tricks out of her apartment. He sees all kinds of men at all hours of the day go in and out of that apartment. He said he has even seen young boys going going to get serviced. I was curious... so I wanted to see her and see what she looked like, I didn't get to though. He also said that this same woman came over to borrow something one day. From outside his door he said to the woman (wearing a mini tube top dress), you "know...it's not really that hot outside for so little clothes" she apparently got a kick out of it and flashed him. Now, the patient didn't say his reaction to the flash, so I wont comment on that part... but what old man wont get excited about that? Then again, what old man wont get a heart attack from that either? LOL. Anyways, he went on and on with different stories as he usually does, but I only have time for so much and my attention span doesn't allow for too much at one time. I'm sure I'll hear more on the next visit.

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