Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so much to do, so little time...

I finally started on my nursing portfolio a couple weeks ago. Basically, it's a binder full of remediation paperwork that I must complete and submit that will go to a committee and get "graded" in hopes of getting readmitted in the spring. So why am I just now starting to work on it after a couple of months? Hmmm. Let's see... Well when the semester ended and the shock of FAILING dissipated I took advantage of spending QT with grams. After her passing in September, it just took me a while to get into the grove of things again. I realized a little too late that I should have given myself a semester off to work and focus on other things like... ME OK, OK and my portfolio.

I now spend so much time at school that I only go home to sleep and the monotonous cycle repeats. What little time I did have is now consumed by watching NCLEX nursing videos, hours of note taking, and NCLEX practice exams. It's all worth it, but I seriously need some down time. I guess you can consider blogging downtime or my aerobics class "me" time. Actually, what I had in mind was beach (Always sunny here), BBQ, and beer. I have until December 1st, I think, to complete my portfolio for readmission. I'm sure I'll do great. I have my mind set and by next summer (GOD WILLING), I'll be taking state boards to be Cyn RN. AHHH THAT'S MUSIC TO MY EARS! I can hardly contain myself, lol. So many of my friends are now on their way to take state boards. I wish them the best of luck. I still feel "out of the circle" but as they say, "Everything happens for a reason". And it does.

On another note. THANK GOD IT'S HUMP DAY! This week has dragged on way too long.


The Peach Tart said...

good luck with all this

Secretia said...

I think it is very good that you're taking this initiative.


Secretia said...

You have a very exciting name! Cyn reminds me of "Sin" ! that's exciting.

Thanks for visiting secret Story Time!

Sincerely, Secretia

~Sheila~ said...

Good luck with your portfolio (I don't even know how to do

You know you can always come by and Angel will Que you up some _______ (<-- enter choice of food here)
That would be FAJITAS for tha unpretentious narcissist.