Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn in the Valley...

The weather appears to be letting up... FINALLY! And while I know I shouldn't hold my breath and I probably just jinxed the entire Valley, I must admit I have been enjoying the cool weather at 85 degrees (F). That is fresh for our area and guess what? Some nights I even get to wear a cute and fashionable sweater. All year long we experience scorching temperatures with intense humidity minus a couple months of Valley cold fronts (60-80 degrees). Everyday is a bad hair day and expect to sweat. I feel like a pair of sweaty, sticky balls that have marinated in gym shorts all day long (What? Guys say that all the time). There are some days where it is so hot my my jeans stick to my ass and thighs that I am ever so tempted to apply a cool patch to my crotch. Not a nice feeling. But like I said, the temperature has dropped the air feels crisp and it actually feels like Fall.

OK, so our trees don't turn beautiful colors (unless you think silver barren trees are lovely) and we don't get to run around in scarves and winter attire, but we do make the best of it. We watch football and BBQ with a beer in hand. We get to wear flip flops all year long. Some days we even get to wear shorts and light sweater (OK I admit that's a little tacky) and our sunsets are beautiful.

We almost have a BBQ every weekend. I made some caramel apples. CAN YOU SAY YUMMY! And I baby sat my nephew this past weekend. I took him to the park and to Donna's Corn Maze. WE HAD A BLAST!

Here are some pics that I've taken that make me thankful for this beautiful season!

My Famous Caramel Apples

My nephew on Hay Bale Mountain
Corn from the Corn Maze

Getting Lost in the corn Maze (More corn)
Aiden at the park

Watching the other kids play

Sunset at the park (Fire in the Sky)


Organic Meatbag said...

Hahahaha, it's even worse when you feel like a hairy, sweaty pair of balls that are wrapped in a pair of courdoroy underwear...

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

if yall bbq'ing everyday i need to come visit. sounds like where i need to be at least for a few days. then i gotta get back to the indian summer/fall/winter/springs we got going on here in atlanta. where it's always feels like the opposite season.