Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 1/2 weeks and counting

Sushi, Beer and Shots

This is just an update from earlier

I hung out most of the afternoon with Sheila. Actually, I went over there to hustle, yeah, I'm in the Avon biz now, lol. Not really by choice, my aunt (Sheila's mother in law) got me to sign up and help her out and said we'd go 50/50 whether or not I sell, but if I do, uh, I would say that's a bonus. Anyhow, so I went over, made some sales. All the business talk got us in the mood for sushi. She had the kit to make it at home so we were just gonna go and get some extra stuff like cream cheese, shrimp, cucumbers, etc. Then we got lazy and decided to go buy it already made. Some of the HEBs make it so we decided to go get it there, but the HEB that sells/makes sushi is about 20 minutes away. We got there and picked out the sushi and some little pork thing-a-ma-jiggers, we wanted got some Michelob Ultra Cherry Pomegranate Beer (YUM!) I only had a small cup cause I'm sick. We sprawled out on the den floor and watched "Bones". Angel and the kids were with his uncle, so it was just us girls. As I mentioned earlier I was gonna try to get Sheila to give me my shot, instead my cousin Angel gave it to me, lol. I was scared he was gonna stab my but/hip since he is this tall, strong, macho, construction guy, I later found out he's a softy. Anyhoooo, Sheila needed her own version of "antibiotics" so to speak, so I gave her her shot before I got mine. My throat is killing me right now cause I bought some cigs, which I already knew were gonna irritate me. Hope those antibiotics start kicking in...

2 1/12 weeks and counting

Well that tonsil infection I thought I had turned out to be strep throat, Ive been sick now for 2 1/2 weeks, it sucks ass! Those antibiotics I purchased in Mexico didnt work... ugh (but I guess it's cause they werent meant to treat strep throat)! I have an ampule of antibiotics I need to give myslef, but that is a little scarey, I cant picture myself stabbing my leg with a needle, I say my leg since I cant reach my butt or my arm (well Im sure I could reach my arm but Im not so sure I want to stab my arm either). Sheila, I know your a PTA but do you know how to give shots? LOL, just stab, aspirate and inject, that's all, just like that, no biggie, OK? I had a rough night last night, my tonsils are so swollen that they are practically crushing my uvula... OUCH! Well I think I gave Marco strep throat. He said he woke up with a scratchy throat and he wasnt feeling well. UhOh. Well he obviously isnt feeling too ill if he went to San Antonio on a business trip. He will be back today or tomorrow, so Im looking forward to that.

On another note, school starts Tuesday and I am really looking forward to this semester. I'm taking "Nursing the child bearing family" and "Pediatric nursing", seems exciting. I think this semester will determine whether or not I really want to be a Nurse midwife.

Well I think I need some rest, Im not feeling too well.


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Awww...feel better!

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