Friday, September 16, 2011

So much, so soon

I should be sleeping at almost 1 am since I've had a rather exhausting day but silly me I decided to drink some ice cold tea and well, I'm caffeine sensitive :-/. My son is down for his "nap". I guess they're all naps since they don't last more than three hours. It wont be long before he wakes so I may as well stay awake.
This week has been quite difficult... it seems as if Matthew is growing ever so rapidly and it makes me kinda sad. Of course I want him to grow, but I also want him to stay little forever... And well, I know he will always be my baby boy, I just wish it happened gradually... He is growing so fast, so soon. First he finally outgrows size newborn diapers a few days ago. My 5lb 13oz little bundle of joy is now my 8.5 lbs bundle of joy... I still wanna squeeze him into a tiny newborn diaper lol... but then we have a poopy situation... yes, he will poop out of them = NO BUENO! Then I try at size 0-3 onsie... AND IT FITS... a tad big, but it fits. Yes he still fits in newborn clothing (some tighter than others, so we'll just have to get rid of those) but this also means he fits into the next size. I guess I shouldn't complain, some babies don't even fit in newborn sizes and I got to enjoy mine for almost two months (he might even fit in some of them after... we'll see :))Today he drank 4 ounces of formula (does this mean another growth spurt?)... I'm not sure his tummy could handle it but 3-3.5 ounces was not filling him up. He was literally shoving his fists in his mouth cause he was STARVING... so he made it seem. In 13 days he will be 2 months old which means 10 months and 13 days till his first birthday... It's gonna fly by so quick. Yesterday he was able to lift himself off the bed... grabbing on to my mom's fingers of course... I know it's a milestone but like any mother would think... "My child is a genius" lol. He is talking and smiling a lot more when he isn't fussing... it's so adorable.
So much has happened so quick that it breaks my heart to go back to work on Monday, but unfortunately, I have to ;( not only financially, but I think for my own sanity. Don't get me wrong, I adore my son and would rather stay home, but I need adult time too and almost two months thus far of tummy troubles and constant crying really takes a toll on you physically, it just wears you out. I think my fear is that I am going to miss out on something that I wouldn't if I stayed at home... but again, I don't have that privilege. I took him yesterday to meet the sitter. She is an old lady and comes highly recommended. Apparently she's raised a few kids in town. She seems kinda physically slow, but then again she's old... what am I supposed to expect, right? She takes care of one other child, soon to be two years old. I hope she adjusts to Matthew cause her momma wont wanna deal with me if my son comes home with bites lol. When I arrived the TV stayed on the cooking channel the whole time. Granted Paula Dean is fun to watch (and you'll get a bonus clogged artery at the same time just for watching) I kinda expected for cartoons to be on (not that I expect cartoons to baby sit the kid). I guess the kid has a good imagination since the old lady is a channel hoarder. One thing I didn't necessarily like was that she was telling me about the little girls lunch... She said that day she was being particularly picky and pointed to jello, so she gave her jello... then she pointed to marshmallows so she gave her that... ate a few bites of macaroni and I don't know what else. Ummm, Sorry but that doesn't seem like a balanced much less healthy meal. I sure hope that's not what she feeds my son when he is able to eat solids. Another thing... She said she wasn't as "strict" as she used to be. I asked her how many naps the little girl takes through out the day and she replied... "I just don't think it's that big of a deal anymore... if she wants to nap, she naps, if she doesn't, she doesn't". OK... I've only been a mom for a second but I kinda know that kids need structure... and that includes naps. Don't get me wrong... I like the lady, she seems nice and it sure as hell beats putting Matthew in day care, so for now, it will work. It's been a while since she has taken care of an infant but she says she loves them... I just hope mine doesn't scare her lol. I'm actually scared to leave him... I don't think anyone can care for him like I can (or my mom) but I suppose that's every mother. Since Matthew has been sick from his tummy since he was born, he is quite needy... I just hope both she and the little girl adjust... Matthew too for that matter, I don't think she will cater to his every cry like we do.
I mentioned in a previous post about diapers... I change my mind... I still prefer Pampers Swaddlers over Pampers baby dry... They are much softer and I think they keep the skin drier, but that is just my opinion, they still work pretty good. Just in case anyone wanted to know lol.
Well, It's that time again... Feeding time or changing time... Let's go find out

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